Too large file size

Hello Everyone.

I have built a small game which is quite pointless really. However the game isn’t the think I wish to ask about.
I have built this game which includes just a Main Menu and the main level itself which is made up of 3 separate maps.

    The 3 maps are:
  1. Main Menu
  2. Main Game map
  3. Streaming assets for Main Game map (to speed up loading times)

The game is very small yet the file size itself is about 1GB. It includes no starter content. Everything was done in-engine. Surely the file size should be about 500mb maximum.

I have tried this but it recreates itself. Do you mean deleting the file after cooking and not using the .pak file?


Have you tried deleting the Saved folder from your project? This often contains a lo of data that can increase package size. Also, there is currently a bug (UE-22192), which is related to an error with the Compressed Cooked Packages option. This has also been known to add to file size.

Let me know if deleting the Saved folder makes a difference in the file size.

The Main Menu itself would most likely be fairly large, as in order to use UMG assets, the project must include Slate which takes up a fair amount of memory.

I’m not sure I understand the question. Would you mind running me through the process that you are currently using to package your game? What platform are you packaging for?

I have been through the project settings and removed anything that is unneeded. I have also deleted unneeded files from the game itself. It is a blueprint project which I package for windows 64bit (would 32bit be better?)

You can try to go through the documentation linked below (although it is for APK packages, a lot of it can still be relevant to packaging for Windows). Also, after some more investigation, I have noticed another bug in our system UE-11529 that causes Windows package sizes to be larger than they should be.