"Too high above ground" slightly under the map surface?

Attempting to allow walls and other things clip into the terrain quite a bit. I can’t seem to get around this “too high above ground” when placing below terrain. Any ideas?

Or if you could alter the start position of the raycast to be higher on the object would work as well. So say it’s a pillar. If the raycast was say 2 units from the bottom you would then move it up to allow the item more drop into the ground… so if you can see any origin points in the model or some sort or raycast coordinate system you might be able to change it that way…

You can play around with the variables. There’s one that gives a max z allowable, change this to some really high number or turn off checking for height. The problem I’ve seen is that once the actor’s origin passes below the ground, the game then uses the bounding box of the world or some other ‘ground’ way below the ‘ground’ you walk on as its height reference. Making it so this doesn’t happen does allow players to place pieces in the air, so make sure that piece is set to place on ground only.

HOGSCRAPER!!! The same from EpochMods? i did the Mining script with your help :slight_smile:

Apologies for the late response, I’ve been away.

Are you referring to MaximumHeightAboveWorldGround in the wall structure blueprint? I’m quite new to Unreal Editor, forgive my ignorance. If so, I’ve tried doubling it, then doubling that, etc. but I’ve yet to get any results. Quite frustrating, as I seem to have negated “Is Obstructed” error by turning off bUsePlacementCollisionCheck in the structure BP, but there are still two more clipping errors I get. From looking in PrimalGameData_BP, Too High Above Ground (PreventBuildStructureReasonStrings[9]), and Can’t Place Structure Here (PreventBuildStructureReasonStrings[13]), as seen in these images:

Too High Above Ground:

Can’t Place Structure Here:

Is Obstructed:

Is Obstructed (Fixed):

Any insight as to how to go about fixing them or places to look would be much appreciated. Without access to code to sniff around in (that I’m aware of?) to trace the error codes back, or completed documentation, it feels like a guessing game playing with variables.