Tons of bugs with 4.19


It’s more than a month now i’m struggling with a few issues, i tried to seek help everyone tell me “It’s easy to solve” and nobody have the right answer so far or don’t care. So i post here cause it’s now obvious to me that they are bugs.

First one, with collisions, i posted on the forum and ask Here on ask and Here on the forum
Basically i have pawns and projectiles with a static mesh set as root, the projectiles are moved by a projectile movement component and the behavior of projectile is just silly and seem to obey to no rule at all.
Projectiles collides with every objects except my pawns. Pawns Collide with everyobjects except my projectiles and they are both set to block on each other channel.

Second one, i have 5 pawns (spaceships) set in my test level and one more is spawned using the game default function when starting to play. Both ships are separated in 2 categories. Spaceships and playerships, all are pawns the only difference being playerships add to spaceships functions related to hud and things only revelant to player controlled ships.
The control mapped in my player controller work just fine for all the moving, i can fly my ship around pretty well, but the issue is when i want to shoot. Inexplicably each time i press the trigger of any of the 3 weapons, all 3 playerships shot at once as if they were all controlled by my player controller.
When i print in the controller to see which ship it is controlling it return the right one, and the code in my controller is really close be it for moving or shooting.

Lastly, it showed when i was trying to solve the bug above, 2 of my weapon controls just vanished. (More or less).
When i shot the main weapon or special weapon nothing happen anymore, unexplicably without changing anything on those two features for more than a week. (Or simply putting “prints” for debugging).
The second weapon work just fine, and it’s exactly the same code.
When i do a print in the controller to see if it call the function in the pawn to shot, it says all is fine, but the function is never called. When i use the function manually by triggering it with an event in the pawn, it works all fine.
Further more from time to time when pressing repeatedly the main weapon key sometime one of the pawn that is not supposed to be controlled, shot with the second weapon, while the 2 other remain still.

I post here cause i’m really bored now. It’s more than a month i’m trying to solve those bugs and in return get only more without progressing at all on the project. I was supposed to show a beta demo on the 14 july and the more time is spent the less the project is working cause of bugs that are related to 4.19. I did another project on 4.17 and never had this kind of issues.
Of course i deleted the framework and reinstalled it, it changed nothing. It’s really as if UE4 was putting ghost code in my project with no control over it or any way to check what is going on in blueprint, messing more and more with what was working fine the more i try to solve the issues following what is said on the forums.

Thank you for reading, if precision are required feel free to ask.

Sorry you’re having a frustrating time, but I don’t think these are bugs with the engine but rather the particular setup / blueprints in your game.

For the first one, I recommend just starting with a new project seeing if you can replicate in the most basic environment. What happens if a projectile isn’t moving but is just static and a player walks into it? Is collision detected then? If so then look at getting it to move. If that still works then spawn the projectile etc etc until you get it back to a similar functionality you have now. You’ll be surprised how many bugs will be fixed just by re-doing the work and paying close attention to what has changed. It’s also worth turning on collision volumes in the editor so you can visually see where the collisions are occurring. Maybe your collision volume and projectile are not welded together and using these tools will help with that.

For the second one and third one, I’d need to see the blueprints to see whats happening but it sounds like all ships are listening for a single ‘fire event’. Maybe this is how the input is bound or maybe it’s a custom event, but either way, something in your scripts are telling them to fire. Follow the path through for the fire command and see what it is that’s actually triggering the calls. This will help tell you if it’s an event, a loop where there shoudn’t be one etc.

I appreciate that the above doesn’t really answer your problems, but hopefully there is some guidance. The best bit of advice I can give is “game development isn’t easy”. Extremely experienced professionals will constantly come across issues which take time to resolve and it takes a while to build up the skills and understanding to debug these problems. Take your time, build test scenarios and use all the tools available.