"Tonight I'm After You!" Music Video for rescued 80's rock

Used Mesh to Metahumans for the werewolf mod (Blender to sculpt, GIMP for the material blending), City Sample crowds, extensive use of Mixamo, and other great packages such as the Modular Stage. I also modded the Matrix city sample for a few of the running around the city overlay fades and POV shots.

This song was originally written and performed back in 1984-5 but never released. I’m working on making a long running series of these for the artist, as she has more than six albums worth of material we’re producing. Original recording included Robert Hecker of Redd Cross on guitar.
I’m not 100% happy with everything, obviously, but it’s a boot in the butt out the door to get us going. I’m experimenting with DAIN to bring in 12fps video and upscale it to 24fps (my final intended framerate) and watching what it does to the motion of the characters. Mixed results so far, and it limits me to 1080p, so it would probably be just fine to render native 24fps in the future at higher resolutions.


It feels like you even replicated the 80’s style in the video. Definitely doing justice to the song here :smiley:

Stoked to see what you come up with this!

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Thanks! It’s great to get feedback - especially on the 80’s look. The look will evolve over time, like I said with the DAIN AI stuff, I’m trying to find different combinations of motion blur or actual analogue degradation that will make some of these look authentically VHS or like older, filmed music videos.