Tomorrow - A Survivor Sandbox RPG

Hello everybody!

I would like to first introduce myself. I am from South of Brazil, I’m 33, a father of two beautiful boys. I am a web developer for over 15 years. I work in an advertising agency as Digital Team leader. I’ve always been passionate about games, and in the last three years, I spent all my free time to learn what was necessary to run a project.

So I´ve finally started.

I’m running all alone, and I have found many trouble finding others to join the project. On the first, I have no money to invest. Per second, the rules of KickStarter not apply to my country. And third, the few people who volunteer to work in partnership on the project, disappear in a few days, and I can not charge anything of them because they were not charging me anything.

So here I am. A developer, venturing into the art world, eager to make it happen, and a gigantic idea.

And it is this part that you can contribute. Then I would leave the links of my project and my contact channels below (signature), and are free to add me or contact on any of them. The mere fact that from time to time give a look at how it’s going, and leave their critics helps a lot.

Thank You for your time.

Bonus Project Feature List: