Tomb Raider Style Swimming System

Hi guys, can anybody point me in the direction of a few tutorials that could help me achieve a volume based swimming system with a differing moveset to ‘land’ animations?

Well, I can not help you right now, but this is not on my system features list, but this is on my internal TODO bonus list. Something to add as a bonus feature for all buyers of my Ledge climbing system.

I can’t point you directly to a tutorial, but I can describe the basic set up for you.

Essentially, your Pawn needs to have a bool that determines if they should be swimming (bSwimming). This bool is by default false but can be triggered on by entering a water volume. Your water volume can simply be a trigger volume. You should create your own Blueprint class derived from a TriggerVolume (call it WaterVolume). When the player enters the volume, bSwimming will be true. Then, in your Animation Blueprint, you will need to check the Pawn’s blueprint to see if bSwimming is true. You will use this in the StateMachine to switch to a Swimming blendspace. When the player leaves the volume, you’ll create an exit condition in your StateMachine to set it back to Idle / Walking blendspace.

Hope that helps. You’ll obviously need all the animations made for this to work properly.

There’s a series on you tube. This is one of the videos but I’m having problems finding the rest (they existed a few weeks ago).