Tomb Creator

[FONT=Century Gothic]Tomb Creator
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What is this?
This is an enviroment pack for creating tombs or simple dungeons.

What do i get?
The pack contains around 30 assets with materials, textures and full collision.
They are made gameready so that you can hop in and easy create your tomb or dungeon.

How is the progress?
Its almost done and im currently fixing some bugs and stuff.


Looks awesome :slight_smile: How much do you plan on releasing this for? :slight_smile:

I would advise you to avoid using “The elder scrolls” (or just “scrolls”) anywhere near something you wish to monetize.

It will not be in the marketplace name ^^ Just for people to get the style this is going :3
It will be called something like Epic Dungeon Builder or so :smiley: I know about the copyright stuff so no worries

Only assets or there is a script to make a random dungeon? ( thats what i understand from dungeon builder)

I wouldn’t even take the chance right now…change the name of your project so you’re not held accountable later. Don’t risk it. Patent trolls are everywhere, they will come sniffing.

Even if its epic Epic doesnt allow Epic :o

The thread and the pack was reworked!

@staff can someone fix that title please the old one is out. thx!

[FONT=Century Gothic]The dead have arrived and their ghastly death glance will enhance your project!

Only a few days left!

Honestly these shots look very rough and I don’t think Epic will accept this pack.

The materials look very noisy, dark and the amount of specularity should be toned down. The geometry is very simple as well.

I’m sorry if this feedback is brutal, if you post some breakdowns of your textures/materials I could give more detailed feedback.

Cool. His work is good, show more!!!

Do not hurry, you can be inspired (listening 10 hours of Epic and Inspirational music in youtube is sufficient). Use some reference, such as a tomb or dungeon image, (there are very cool concepts and wallpapers in pinterest, google images and deviantart). You will thoroughly enjoy and travel to the inside of them. Play games like Skyrin or Oblivion, If you become tired, watch a movie.

Before creating a level for Unreal:

First: Block all playable area using BSP keeping a gameplay in your mind (Anything cool, challenging or able to engage the player into something). Secondly: Export all the static meshes to 3d software package to add fine details, chamfers (pay attention to the small details and chamfer the edges), unwrap your meshes, texturize using seamless tiling, finally create the lod level and modularity breaking all into parts. Thirdly import all into Unreal 4, then work in the materials, illumination, prototyping and post processing.

Pay close attention over details, seams (texture and meshes). Do not leave seam, repetitive seamless textures and repetitive things apparent. Repetitive things are able to destroying any good work.

Use varied things like particles, static meshes, debris, torches, illuminated crystals, flickering candle lights, suspended dust and fixtures, spider webs, animated chains, doors, grills, skulls, broken chariot wheels, vessels, statuary (gargoyles?), medieval torture machines, etc. Whatever your imagination wants!!!

Set up the atmosphere and lighting. Use point lights, ambient light and skylight for a better setting (expressing , athmosphere, emotion and mystery). Equalize all using a very weak colored ambient light (Avoid the pure darkness). Use weak ambient light, fog, haze, various post processing volumes: using DOF, Vignette, Color Grading, Color Correction, Bloom, etc.

For Now

Decreases Glow

pay close attention to Specularity, intensifying humidity. You can to use panner over material simulating water dripping down in the wall and pillars.

See something about PBR

Avoid pure black

Avoid very simple geometrical forms

Avoid repetitive seamless textures

Pay attention to small details

Add more importance to scenes (points of interest).

Add more debris

Increase the visual field in sample images for everyone to be able to see a more variety of details and ambients in your scenes.

And more important. Do not worry about non constructive criticism, not pay attention.

Do not give up. And always do what your heart desires. If you are not happy with the appearence, return unafraid. Go back again, again, again and see how you can improve it and be happy.


I appreciate your feedback :slight_smile:
But its too late for this pack.
Im working on new stuff already.

But its available anyways:

Yea… thats not going to get you fans anytime soon.
We users kinda expect permanent support untill you consider no longer supporting it for newer ue4 versions.

Besides that, I agree with most critisism given about the package.
It has potential, but its clearly not in a state to be marketplace ready.

I havent said that clear: This is not dead, its finished tested and fixed. But its too late to get that quality back.
The meshes are at their limit and the materials are maxed out until the mesh limit.
I definitly know what i could do next time but its just this first try that didnt went well.

So i let some staff close this thread so that there are no misunderstandings anymore.

Have a good one!