Toggling The Visibility of Text Render Crashes?

Been trying to set up a one line dialogue interaction with unimportant NPC’s, I got it so I can toggle the visibility - But as default it appears in the scene regardless, unticking visibility in the text renderer’s options does indeed cause it to be invisible on the game launching, but when I get into my trigger box and toggle the text back on it crashes, I then tried using blueprints for it telling it in there not to be visible on the game starting but this results in the same issue, I think it’s trying to consistently turn it back off when I want it to toggle causing it to crash, and now I have an odd error which wasn’t there until I did this second method and now it refuses to work at all (Before the second method was attempted it worked fine, but the text was already there by default).
I have no idea how to go about fixing it now, any help with this would be a massive help!


It looks like you’re using a trigger volume to toggle the visibility of the text render. Have you tried using a box collision component that is placed a bit in front of the NPC instead, and then toggling the text render OnComponentBeginOverlap of that box collision? Something like the picture below, where the box would be your NPC character. Let me know if you can get this to work, or if you are still experiencing the crash.

Hmm, I got a little closer, I am very new to this so you’ll have to bare with me, this is where I am at the moment, I tried my best to replicate what was working before, and now the text is disabled on launch as I wished it to be, but the function for enabling it is not working, this is the current blueprint for it:


Embedding the image didnt work, sorry.

The stuff on the left is a screenshot of when I had it working, not another part of the blueprint

I’m unable to see your attached image. Could you try attaching it again?

In the meantime, here is an image of what my blueprint looks like for toggling the text render. Box 1 being the collision box that is located in front of the actor in the picture I posted earlier. Does this setup work for you?

Yeah, this setup works, I was trying to activate on key press, but I have quickly done it so that when you walk back out it disables the dialogue and I like the way it looks, thank you very much for how fast you came to help, very kind.