toggling strafe and free-roam third person + Zoomout/in + other camera things.

Hey all,

In my current game project I am looking for a way to toggle two camera perspectives.

Both camera perspectives are Third Person, however I want to have two different styles:

  • One that is independant of camera angle, the classic third-person you see as a default game
  • One that strafes together with the camera, so that you always look and aim wherever the camera is aimed at.

I want to create a system where HOLDING the Right Mouse button will cause your camera to get into “Strafe Mode”, and when you release it, you go back into “Free-Roam mode”

As well, I would like to create a module/system that causes the camera to smoothly zoom out by using the + button (and vice-versa, a smooth zoom-in to its original standpoint).

Lastly, I’m looking for two camera features:

  • The camera cannot get into CERTAIN area’s. I don’t want the camera to go through the terrain or some structures, but I do want the camera to be able go through houses, furniture, or walls/ceilings in underground areas.
  • The camera should be the ‘trigger object’ when it enters an area that colours or blurs the view (I forgot the name of the Volume), and not the player.

So I am wondering with these things, how do I do them? Unreal 4 changed a lot compared to UnrealDevelopmentKit so I am absolutely clueless

bump, still need help/tips

Watch my video…It may help. Ive basically done exactly what you’ve said.

That is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Do you have any video or blog where you have written down how you did that?

No I dont, but Ive showed all of my blueprints in the video, so you could just copy them.