Toggling Default Scene Root Doesn't Work

Ok, I have a Blueprint actor called “Paint_Colors”. It is being referenced inside of another blueprint actor called “Paint_Button”. I want the “Paint_Colors” actor’s visibility to turn on and off when either clicked, overlapped, or the F key is pressed. This is working great for me when I reference individual objects inside the actor “Paint_Colors”, but it does not work when I target the “Paint_Colors” actor’s Default Scene Root. I want to toggle everything in Paint_Colors instead of one object at a time.

Also, I can not rename “Default Scene Root”, any reason why? Below are screenshots that illustrates exactly what Im trying to do:


You don’t have “propagate to children” checked true in the Toggle Visibility node, so it will only affect that default root scene component, which doesn’t have anything to render anyway. If you want to rename it just add a new scene component and drop it on top to make it the new root.

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What about the default scene not being able to be renamed?

I have no clue about the reasoning behind that. So far I haven’t found any reason to keep that default root component around though. Just replace it.