Toggling a sprite or actor visibility based on its' rotation (in MR)

Hey guys i’m making a private MR card game using UE 4.26 and need help with hologram projections for cards,

Im terrible at visual scripting and can’t figure out how I can make a command where a sprite (for a 2D projection at 90 degrees to the parent actor) I have attached to a card is only visible when the card is placed down on a table. I have a couple of ideas on how to pull it off but don’t know how to do it in the Blueprint Editor.


It could be done by getting the card actor or Sprite’s rotation and setting visibility using an IF and THEN statement. So IF card X & Y axis is 0 & 0 THEN set sprite visibility to visible.

Or alternatively: I could set the visibility to on when the card counts a collision (with the table)

If you guys know how I can do this, that would be awesome. My unreal experience is very limited