Toggle World-Outliner Folder Content Visibility via Blueprint

Hey there,

I have hundreds of “Text Render” BP I put in my scene for naming purposes, the BP’s are divided by folders in the world outliner.
My goal is to be able to toggle the text visibility from my UI BP with comobox.
I thought about 2 options:

1.Is there a way I could toggle the visibility of those folders via a separate BP? create a function or so that will be able to access the folder’s visibility function? (but then again, EditorUtilityActor BP might not work after packing?)

2.put all the text BP references into an array somehow and toggle the array’s visibility, but how do I do that?

and btw question,
is it possible to select all the nodes and connect them all at once to an array instead of dragging each and every pin separately? when it gets to hundreds, it’s frustrating…

Thanks a lot fot the help!

Hey @Dennisimus,
have you found a solution to this? I’m having the same problem.

Hi @Dennisimus, have you found any solution to it? I’m trying to achieve exactly now. :slight_smile: