Toggle widget visibility with trigger box

Hi there,

I’m a complete newbie to Unreal so please bear with me.

I’ve got an actor (called FloatingWidget), with a widget (in the form of a single button) floating above it. I’ve set the widget to screen space, which appears to work well.

I am able to toggle the widget visibility successfully within the Widget Blueprint settings.

Following that, I set up a trigger box and I’ve created the attached nodes in the Level Blueprint, with a view to toggle visibility based on actor overlap.

But… It doesn’t work… at all.

Is it clear what I’m doing wrong? I’ve searched all over for a solution but I’m stuck.

Any help would be massively appreciated!


Try creating something like this example in the Widgets Event graph. Then call it from your overlap system. This is for something that requires mouse input so you can ignore the Set Input Mode and the show cursor nodes

Hi SouthBot,

You’re an absolute star, thanks very much!!

I realised that another way of doing it was to create the trigger box from within the actor that has the floating widget above it. That way I can simply reference the widgets within the actor.

It seems to work OK but I’ll have a go with this, too… Anything to learn more about different processes!

Thanks again buddy!