Toggle Visibility of multiple meshes with key press.

I’m attempting to make it so that when the player presses a key, meshes for ‘world1’ will hide and meshes for ‘world2’ will appear, essentially sending the player between two ‘worlds.’

I am able to get the functionality to work on an actor by actor basis in blueprint, but I am trying to find a more efficient way.

This is what I’ve done for one actor.

Any thoughts?

Arrays list and flow control. Yo can put all mesehs in a array var and use a flow node to run through all meshes and recall the same toggle visibility node.

I think for your case it better to use streaming levels.

  1. Place actors into separate levels like world1.umap and world2.umap.
  2. Add those levels as streaming levels to your main map using “Levels” tool.
  3. Mark those levels as blueprint streaming type in “Levels” tool.
  4. Now you can use GetStreamingLevel blueprint node in the level blueprint.

Something like this:

Thanks a bunch! This definitely sounds like the way to go. Honestly, I’d never even considered using streaming levels.

Thanks again.

I set this up for my multi-level game and now my pathing and matinees for my first playable level no longer work.

I have a charselect .map file as my main persistent level (for 3d model displays) and then my first playable level is loaded when the players have finished choosing their characters. However, when I play through my playable level it shows fine but the matinees don’t work and the pathing is all messed up even though it displays fine.

Are there more tutorials on using the levels tool and multi-level setup?