Toggle Visibility of Array item

Hi. I’m not a pro user in unreal engine.
Can anyone help me, please.
How can I change visibility of item of static mesh array? with blueprint?
And how can i change material of item of static mesh array?

Use the Get node on your array of meshes to access whichever mesh you want, for this you must know what index the mesh is at.
Enter that index in the Get node. You can then use the set visibility and set material nodes to do what you want.


if you don’t know the index of your mesh in the array, you could use the Find node, or you can also loop through your array using For Each.

Thanks, Thanks and thanks… for your time and solution.

I have a problem. My array variable type is “Static Mesh”, so i can’t connect GET to SetVisibility Target. My objects are static, and not movable in the scene.

I take a screenshot from my blueprint:

What are you actually trying to do with this array? Are you sure you actually want an array of static mesh references and not an array of static mesh scene components or actors? You can’t set the visibility of a static mesh reference that way, as it isn’t an actor, it’s just a reference to the actual mesh, you could use that to set the static mesh of a mesh scene component or actor, but not what you are trying to do.

Also, your set node isn’t doing anything there, nothing is plugged into it. You probably want a Get node

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