Toggle visibility is not working

Hi people,
I have problem with my change material blueprint. Everything is working great except that my toggle visibility function is not working. My blueprint has 3 components: static mesh(cone), light and box that is used like trigger for my widget blueprint. For some reason I cannot toggle visibility of my box and light. As you can see my visibility is unchecked.

Thanks in advance.

Hook up the space bar event to a print node and check that the spacebar input is getting through to that blueprint. Most blueprints don’t receive input events unless you explicitly let them receive input.

Thanks kurtrussellfanclub,
It’s working, but I have another problem now…
My character controller is set on space bar too and now is not firing. So, I realized that I have to change my aproach to the problem.
How can I set my cone shape blueprint to call onclick event for my box_changecolor? I dont know how to explain so here are the screensoots:

on the las one I tried adding widget and it is showing buttons when I click on box but I dont know how to change cone blueprint to work with it and change materials.

I don’t really understand what kind of experience you’re trying to make and what all the relationships are between your classes but if you’re trying to get the same input on two blueprints (e.g. space bar firing on both) then you need to go into the input event and turn off “consume”.

By default, only one thing will take in each input and after it’s handled the button press will be eaten up and won’t get passed to other objects.

that did the trick :slight_smile: thanks a lot!