Toggle Visibility doesnt work for me

Hi guys,

i just started out learning UE4 and its a blast so far,
but it stumbled upon some weird things with the toggle node that doesn’t word as supposed.
If i try to toggle a fire or a textrender with component overlap and trigger a toggle visibility node while doing so it does not work.

The moment i overlap the trigger box i can see the thing i am trying to toggle on for a millisecond and if i keep going further into the trigger box i gets disabled.

But if i stay at the border of the trigger box the toggle works and i can see the effect.

I mean sure i could just do it with 2 set visibility nodes, one for on one for off but i really wanna use toggle because it keeps things nice and clean.

Anyone got a similar issue like me?

thx guys

sincerely your UE4 Newb :wink:

Can you show your code?

Sure i mean its not much, just the single node but i also uploaded a little video on youtube where i show in detail what my problem is:

The problem with the toggle is that overlap is not a nice neat thing. When the player moves around in the volume, the overlap is triggering on and off.

Here’s a surefire way:

Ok imma try that instead thx mate, sad that toggle doesn’t work.