Toggle things WITHOUT level blueprint?

Is Level Blueprint REQUIRED to turn on lights?

I once saw a door opening tutorial, and the guy used a class bp, defined input, etc…and the door opened/closed. “Could the same be done with a light and a box-trigger from accross the map?”

So I made a box static mesh, applied a trigger box, replicated the door opening bp but I cannot reference or connect the light. I am so confused on how to do this and trying to get clarification.

Here is the door opening tut:

yes you can , here is 2 solutions:

1- if you light is already in the level , you can add a reference of your light (based on you light type) , make it editable , so you can fill it with your light when you drop your bp in the level
2- you can add a light to your blueprint

I actually made a video about one way to do this not too long ago because someone had a similar question :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that there is a fairly easy second way. Instead of using tags like I did in this video (because of how that user worked) you can also just make the array variable of the lights “Editable” and then in your level click on your switch (or whatever), go under defaults, add an element to the array and then you have the option to pick an object from your scene to create a reference (just click on the pipette icon right next to the element).

I hope this helps :slight_smile:


I can’t add it, tried dragging-drop, searching, etc…

As for referencing based on the light type, I’m pretty sure I’m missing something here as it does not give me an option to make it editable and to fill it with the light:

My God…all that searching and hairpulling…

Thank you.

here is how you can do it