Toggle text on screen

Hello, i am just looking for a simple solution to a simple text problem i am having, too tired to figure this out anymore.
On my FPS character blueprint i have connected text to my first person players screen, and set the visibility to off.
I then made an event that would toggle it on, delay, then off again.

In the map blueprint i have a trigger box by a door that when i press E, the Text event triggers.
All is fine EXCEPT, when i press E while the text is on screen, it will go invisible then become visible, and stay visible until i press E twice again while on the trigger… pretty much the reverse of how it’s supposed to work.

Anyways, it’s obvious WHY it’s happening, i am just wondering if anyone can help me with a simple solution.
I have pictures in case my explanation was confusing…

Thanks for any help.

Believe i found an answer ( in case anyone else had this problem)
I swapped “toggle” visibility nodes for “SET” visibility.