Toggle Sprint And Stamina System

(TSS) Toggle Sprint & Stamina System

In Deklein Studio’s first release, a simple stamina system made 100% in blueprints. The default project shows and documents how the system depletes and regenerates your stamina bar, and how to display it in the user interface.


Key Features:

  • Toggle Sprint Compatible (most online docs/vids do not cover how a toggle sprint works with stamina).
  • Stamina depletes during certain events like sprinting and jumping.
  • Stamina regenerates when player is not moving at sprinting speed.
  • Detailed blueprint comments
  • Easily customize the user interface display
  • Easily implemented to your existing project
  • Example of how to connect stamina system to new events that will deplete your stamina (think attacking, climbing, building, etc)


  • 6 Blueprints - Game Mode, Character BP, Character Controller BP, Stamina HUD, HUD Layout, SprintBar UI
  • 2d Walk/Run Blendspace

Intended Platform: Desktop