Toggle Splitscreen during gameplay

Is there away to toggle splitscreen while in gameplay using blueprint?

Ehm do you watn to change splitscreen type(vertical or horizzontal? Or activate and deactivate it? Cause if you have 2 or more player the splitscreen will be active, if you have not at least 2 local player it will be deactivated.

I want it active and deactivate it while in game play because I want the players to be able to split up and go in different areas and then when close together, it will be one camera.

If you’re in code, you have access to UGameViewportClient::SetDisableSplitscreenOverride. The ViewportClient can be accesses via LocalPlayer…which can be accessed on your PlayerController.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if there’s a way to gain access to this functionality in blueprints :confused: However, [USER=“24785”]Robinson Company[/USER] this plugin is probably exactly what you’re looking for!

That Voronoi plugin looks great. If the action isn’t top down or you still want to switch manually, lowentry has a free plugin that does it (a request from 2017). If you still want Voronoi but want to roll your own flavor, TheJamsh was working on something like this a couple of years back. Might be worth a look, to see how far he got…