Toggle "PIE" log category display in output

Is it possible to toggle the display of the “PIE” log category with a console command? I’d like to use the command “log [log category] off”, but “PIE” doesn’t appear in the list when using the command “log list”. “PIE” is available under the output log filters though, and works perfectly…I just need to automate it. :laughing:

I ask because I am working on an Editor Utility Widget that uses “Get Section from Static Mesh”, which throws the following log warning: PIE: Warning: Calling GetSectionFromStaticMesh on [ActorName] but 'Allow CPU Access' is not enabled. This is required for converting StaticMesh to ProceduralMeshComponent in cooked builds.

This Widget is only expected to be used while developing in the Editor and wouldn’t be included in a cooked build, so I’m fine with the warning and happy to disregard it. I’m just trying to clean up the log while the Editor Utility Widget is processing and would like to save a little time that is currently spent on making log spam. c: My hope was to use “log PIE off” when the processing begins, then “log reset” when it completes. I do need to show other categories because the Widget does churn out some status updates or errors as needed.

If anyone has any thoughts, I’d greatly appreciate it! Definitely not critical, but this is something I’m been pondering over for a few days and it’s got me curious.