Toggle Movement Inputs

I’m trying to make an rpg/mmo styled game. I have made two movement functions for the player to use called Super Jump and Super Run. Currently I have them set up to where you have to hold down a separate key to perform the actions. I would like to make them toggled, for example when the number 1 key is pushed the character will super jump when the space bar is pushed instead of a regular jump. When the 1 key is pushed again, he will return to a normal jump height. Would a flip flop function node be better for this or is there a better way to fire off this command?

Definitely sounds like a job for Flip Flop. You can also have a Branch or Gate before the Flip Flop to make sure that the switch happens when you want, and that the player can’t mash the button and screw things up (our pretty hilarious first testing method on any mechanic is getting several people to hold the same device and go absolutely bonkers)

Well I got the Super Run to work with a flip flop but the super jump isn’t working so well. It will toggle on the super jump but when I toggle it off, the regular jump isn’t responding.

Can you send relevant BP pics?

I was able to sort it out and both super run and jump work as I intended them too. A flip flop function works to toggle them both. Then all that’s needed is to run as normal, but with increased speed which is set in the set max speed node when active. Jump works in the same fashion where all you need to do is hit the jump button when power is toggled (I had my character doing jumps at like 5000 Z height :slight_smile: )

I am trying the same stuff: toggle between two movement inputs.
I know this is an old post but maybe you could still help me.
I don’t know how i should connect the flip flop node to my movements…or at which position do I add it…