Toggle menue

I made a widget menue and I want to toggle it while gameplay. Why is that so hard to apply…this is absolute standard !!! Everybody needs this, and in unreal it costs the developers so much time where in other game-engines it’s done in seconds!!!

How is it possible to switch a widget visibility, where of course you need a mouse cursor?

How the hell is it possible to create a simple if than else -function in unreals genius blueprint-system??

Why there is no preset for game-menue to allow the user set resolution, fullscreen …blablabla

I go crazy…

only thing I feel is good bye unreal …back to unity !!! …witch is more than a thousand times more logical

Hey there (:

i’m sorry that your Blueprint start isn’t going that well for you.

It shouldn’t be hard to toggle your menu. After you created a widget, you can call “Remove or Add it to the viewport”. For example you can create a simple ENUM for your different Menue elements. UMG Buttons or ESC Button and such things will then just change the ENUM Value to for example “Main Menu”.

You can place your Widget Creating and Changing logic inside your custom HUD Class. This class is usualy used for the Canvas UI but you can also just use a switch or select node for an ENUM that you addet to this Blueprint and change the visibility or remove/add widgets based on that.

For example: Create all Widgets in the HUD Blueprint with “Begin Play” Node.
Create an ENUM with “MainMenu, Options, Ingame”. Now use the “Event Receive Draw HUD” Node and plug your logic behind it. For example “If Enum Value == MainMenu → Add Main Menu to viewport”. When creating the widget with Begin Play, you can just save them to matching variable to use them for this kind of logic above. All smooth and easy (:

If you now want to enable or disable something per keypress, you just get the HUD from the PlayerController and cast it to your custom HUDClass. Then you get the Enum and set its value to “MainMenu”. Your HUD Blueprint does the rest.

This is basic C++ Programming Logic (Blueprints are c++, so it’s not that different). So this has nothing to do with UE4 at this point.

A simple if/else is the “Branch” node.

Resolution etc can be changed with Console Commands. You can call a Node called “Execute Console Command”. The console commands can be found with a little help of google.

I hope this helps so far.

I myself used Unity before and UE4 feels way better. You just need to get used to it like you did before with Unity. Also you need to stop thinking like Unity. Because EVERY engine is different. CryEngine would be different as well.

Yes this is very helpful.

I also found a tutorial for game-menu under Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial: Menu (english) - YouTube

But the very best of it all would be a toolset for archviz at the marketplace.

So that artists like me, can use UE for their work easily.

Only thing thats needed is a main-menu for quality-settings, start and exit and a blueprint to change color of specific things with a small GUI that appears when click onto object.

What I mean you can see here: Architecture Real-time - Unreal Engine 4 Archviz - YouTube
at 2:30 is the configurator.

I’m trying to get this for a month by now and it makes me sick.
This is where I am at the moment (no menu, no serious configurator, only objects can be toggled between visible or not)
If I could get a preset anywhere I could use the same for every project and I don’t need to learn this tons of nodes and this wired logic behind.

I made the exact same thing in Unity without any programming knowledge in less than 2 weeks + menue, + configuration interface, + dynamics and more…

Hm, it seems like you just need more time learning the basics, because this is really not that hard to create. Adam said he wants to create something for you (at least i got the mail that he wants to, but i cant see his comment).

So just wait for his blueprints pictures. Maybe this will help.

Yes me too, got the email and I’m very thankful for that help !!