Toggle Develpment Only on Blueprint Nodes

Hi all, forgive the noob question. I’ve tried to figure it out myself without success.

I want to make individual nodes in my blueprint “development only” similar to the “Print String” node.

I have seen other nodes being marked as Development Only but I have not figured out how I can make an arbitrary node development only.

How can I make an arbitrary node “Development Only” in my blueprint? Is it documented somewhere?

Thanks in advance!

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Is ^this^ feature working well now dude? Reason for asking…

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Well, last time I tested it, it worked. Must say, I don’t like the idea of whole chains of greyed out nodes, though… :upside_down_face:

UDK had a much neater system where you could just right-click on a node edge to disable it, which would then disable the entire execution chain from that point on. This felt a lot more reliable and less overbearing than lots of greyed-out sequences everywhere.

In UE where I got stung was upgrading BP projects. The editor couldn’t figure out what was enabled. And unlike UDK, you can’t edit disabled chains iirc. This is kind of annoying if you’re making changes across a project and need to edit all sections for consistency.

Instead you have to force the editor to ungrey everything, make all the necessary changes, and then grey everything again. So its a bit clunky. In the end I just gave up and settled for copy / pasting duplicate chains and using GATE nodes. Its not as efficient but it works.

I think it always pays to stay in the main stream region of the engine. You get people with these crazy questions ( not saying this is one ), like “I want to do a trace, but using a dodecahedron, in a custom character I coded in Java, and it’s not working…”

Staying in the main stream is much easier… :crazy_face:


Hey thank you all for the responses. Here is a screenshot of what I was trying to do in case it wasn’t clear. This is totally doable because i copied this from another project and it works. I just didn’t know how to do it.

Screenshot 2021-09-30 170629

After watching the video shared by @ClockworkOcean I learned that the only way to do this is to actually bind the command to a key sequence. Once you assign the shortcut to that function now you can toggle the feature on and off on individual nodes.

Thank you so much for sharing that!

I just tested this in Unreal Engine 5 and once you disable a node it cannot be re-enabled. I had to delete the node and start again, so this is not exactly what I was looking for.

I found out which command to add a shortcut for, but it does not toggle it on and off. It just turns it on.

Sorry about all these replies. I’m a noob :wink:

I figure out that we need a shortcut for disabling and one for each different type of enabling. See the attached image

  • Disable Nodes - Selected nodes will be disabled
  • Enable Nodes - Selected nodes will be enabled
  • Enable Nodes (Always) - Selected nodes will always be enabled
  • Enable Nodes (Development) - Selected nodes will be enabled in development mode only → this is what I was looking for in the original post.

The Lesson here is that I should have watched that video to the end. I was too eager to try it myself that I didn’t watch the whole video. That was just stupid on my part. I’m gonna go hide now.

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