Toggle Button to make Static Mesh vis\hidden

Hello, Anyone able to help me make it so when I toggle the Red button it will make a mesh visible or hidden.

If I am on the right path with TOGGLE VISIBILITY i don’t know how to link it to the correct cube(Red) that is in the lvl. Here is a video of what I have setup

Thank you

Where do you create the widget? Which blueprint?

this is the location of where the buttons are…

Where / how do you create the widget. At some point, you Create Widget → Add to Viewport. Or you’re using a Widget Component in another actor. Perhaps this widget is a part of another widget (which complicates things).

How to connect it would depend on where this widget is created. Without knowing the details, all I can tell you is to call a dispatcher and catch the callback in the Level Blueprint - but that probably does not help you much.

For example:

  • If this is the widget with the buttons:

  • the Level Blueprint could:

Resulting in:

The way you try to obtain references of Level Blueprint’s static mesh actors in a widget is not really feasible without a ham-fisted approach of using Get All nodes and filtering results.

I was merely hoping to suggest a more civilised approach. :slight_smile:

that looks awesome and ty…I am putting things together to get it working from diff tutorials…
This is my setup for the widget…it is a widget inside a widget the first blueprint is to set it so it opens and closes the widget keyboard key…I am going to try this now…I was not sure if I had to set the cubes up as some kind of variable so that the button can reference them…

for the same menu I have 3 other buttons set up…i want to be able to when its clicked to start an already made sequence…so I can move around the lvl as I please but when I hit the #1 button it will run sequences I have set up… is

Would be easier if you told us where / how this first widget is created then (HeadsUpDisplay_UI, I believe) - that’s the thing I was originally asking about.

If you create it in the LB, then what I suggested should be the way to go. If you create the widget elsewhere (like Player Controller / Game Mode / Pawn), you’ll need a couple of extra steps to get it going.

Do tell how it goes.

below is the tutorial on how i created the widget…in this tutorial I created a controller and in this controller is the following…i hope this answers the question you have of how the widget was created…

Yup, that was it. Since the widget reference sits in the PC, we need to get it involved:

The Delay is needed here because hooking anything up to the LB is a pain in the neck.

The other bit stays the same. Good luck!