Toggle between FP/TP Camera

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I’m more or less completely new to UE4, please keep that in mind when responding. Thx and enjoy the read :slight_smile:

So I was trying to create a toggle based camera swap between third person perspective and (True) First person perspective.
And I stumbled on something that just worked in blueprint, and I’ve got no idea why it actually worked and was kinda hoping someone could explain it.

Photo from character blueprint Event Graph
Toggle FP-TP Camera Event Graph.png

And the Viewport:
I’ve attached the First Person Perspective to the character head to try removing hight issues if I were to change character (Not tested)

I’m guessing this could be game breaking if I had an “interactive game console” in the game that changed the viewport, is there a better way of doing this or to set a condition before toggling like you have to be using one of the two character cameras?
Second, In third person perspective I’ve tried to set it up (and failed epicly) so that the camera orientation does not turn the character, tried fiddling with the details panel and couldn’t figure it out.
In addition to the point above, I’m adding shooter weapons later which when equipped will lock the character rotation to the camera.
Am I trying to do magic here, or is it possible through BP?

Sorry for a lot of questions, but I couldn’t figure it out after spending two day’s looking at tutorials and forum posts, and I’m a little scared of ending up completely stuck here…

Thx a bunch for any advice/photos/tutorials you’ve got!

There are a ton of tuts on youtube for this …
just wanted to let you know, before you spend money and a lot of time:
Third person animations do not work well in first person. Weapons/Meshes that were not made specific for 1st person will also perform badly.
Main issues: 3rd person cam maybe good, but, when zoomed to 1st person there will be a ton of animation jitter and misalignments.
The “resolution” is to get 3rd person animations and 1st person and swap between the 2 when the camera switches. The issue there is, obviously double time and money spent, but the jitters happen before the 1st person camera actually activates. The transition will happen just before the camera get to the shoulder area. I would suggest pulling right into the 1st person view just before this happens.

I just wanted to let you know this as this was a big issue i ran into with any animation i found (even the MOCAP stuff on the marketplace). When following up with the animation guys (MOCAP and a couple others) the reply was simply “wasnt made for first person”. I never got the camera and animation to perform so i skipped out on the first person scroll completely.