Toggle a Widget for HUD visibilitym, On:off

So: watching Ryan Laley via youtube (link below) I have had several issues. Offered in the comments, others post ideas to solve an issue from his bugs. I’m sure it’s sabatoge on his end, to make money; but whatever. The character sheet was mentioned as action mapping under the C function. He never showed the steps. The bluepring listed below is another’s recommendation. As of yet, i’m unable to toggle this character sheet out of my live gameplay. It is persistent. I tried a flip-flop as well which others prescribed for trial. The buttons in the slots are ideally working, yet the scroll box rest on upper left hand corner. Meanwhile due to the character sheet’s resting face; the inventory previously created with Ryan Laley cannot be of viewable operation via the “I” button-or the action mapping selected key. Any tips how to make it only viewable via a press/release function? Currently there is a input action character sheet mapping-> display character sheet node with an empty “target field”. Action mapping has C listed for the input action of showing the character sheet–which is a widget mind you. Any help is appreciated.
I am able to screen share, for assistance.

Also, another span of non-assistance he offers is the usage of items to restore health yet offers no connection between his HUD and anyone else’s, I had it list a restore of health and shown visablly on screen yet no indication of it actually working because my health bar was full, maybe a text script had be listed for that.