Toggl plugin for Unreal Engine - Track time spent on projects and clients!

Hello everyone,
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Do you want to track how long you spend in a project? Are you a freelancer tracking time spent on a project? But are excel sheets pecky to work with or sometimes even forget to press “start” or “stop” on timing software or just don’t want to press anything at all? Then this is the plugin for you!

Introducing the Toggl Plugin, using the Toggl API, you can now track time right from in the engine and specify workspace, client, project and task name and automatically or manually track time with the click of a few buttons.

The plugin can automatically take care of starting and stopping when booting the project so you don’t have to worry about starting and stopping every time you want to work on the project.

You can find Toggl here:
Toggl is free for up to 5 people per team.

Toggl only allows one timer at a time to track, which is why we coded a way around that issue. Every time a timer is running and you open another project and click start or auto start another project the previous timer would stop, which could be problematic if you’re just opening the other project just to check something. Whenever you manually stop the timer, either by quitting the engine or clicking stop the plugin would check against the previous timer ID and it’s length to see whether or not it was stopped prematurely and if so it will automatically inject an entry in to Toggl, of course this is an option you can disable if you don’t want that.

Current features:
Auto login on launching a project(config)
Auto starting the timer when you launch a project(config)
Automatically add missed time when accidentally stopping the timer manually(config)
Adding new clients
Adding new projects
Selecting client
Selecting project
Selecting workspace
Setting task description
In-Engine active timer
Saving or discarding API key
Login with API key
Storing last used settings
Starting timer
Stopping timer
Active Timer(Display for the duration of the timer)

These are the core features, if there’s interest in more features from Toggl we’ll look into it and see if we can add it.
We’ve had requests to support other time tracking software as well, however we’re not currently looking into supporting more at this moment. If there’s a large request for the same tracking software we can look into supporting that one too, but for that we’d need a large base that wants it.

Some images:

This is a great idea. Looking forward to using it myself.

Plugin has been finished. Still gathering for more interest if people would want to see this plugin hit the marketplace or not. Let us know!

Just saw this. I would be interested in this. :slight_smile:

Plugin has been submitted!

Now supports an in-engine timer!

Toggl Plugin has been released!

Get it at!

It looks like this might be the year of productivity plugins hehe

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one focusing on productivity / project management plugin solutions for UE4, the more, the merrier :slight_smile:

[HR][/HR]p.s. we gave you a shout out (

and while we are technically creating a competing product, I honestly don’t mind who gets there first just as long as we get there :wink: since there are lots of areas for improvement when it comes to in-engine collaboration tools and I feel like we’re only just scratching the surface :slight_smile:

Plugin is okay. But way too overpriced. You should build in a backend with web analytics and other stuff. Then it’s worth it.

Plugin is okay. But way too overpriced. You should build in a backend with web analytics and other stuff. Then it’s worth it.


Thanks for the feedback! The backend with analytics and reports is actually already on Toggl itself, creating this again in UE4 would be inefficient and overkill.


Refactor: Save system completely overhauled to work better.

Updated to 4.15 on itch.IO

Release date on marketplace March 16th 2017!

Released on the marketplace!

One question, probably a stupid one at that… but where do I find the API key on the toggl website?

nvm, found it here:

Glad you found it!

Any feedback on this? It sounds interesting, just wanted to see if it works well.
As I use clockify, not toggl, is there a way to make a plugin for that tool also?

Yes, i am also interested if it works. PLS, contact me!
Moreover, my friend is using workpuls and she is asking for a way to make a plugin for that tool?