Toggeling a first person characters flashlight by using a trigger box

Dear Community,
i need help with some blueprint communication, i am 3D-designer so maybe a bit unused to the coding, even if the visual coding EU4 offers is fun and works mostly great.
I am still kind of new to some of the stuff, i am working with it since some time on a little game now but i am still at the beginning, and moddeling and stuff has been my specialty till now.

Well, here comes the problem:
I gave my character a flashlight, and i want it to turn off when he enters a dark staircase. So i tried to toggle the flashlight by using a trigger box and the onactorbeginoverlap event in the levelblueprint, but it is not responding.

Here you can see what i tried in the CharacterBlueprint and the Levelblueprint.

Thank you for any help!

Does no one knows a trick for that?
Please guys, how to cast that kind of event

I don’t have access to UE as I write this, but here are a few things you can try:

Try printing a string after OnActorBeginOverlap to see, if the overlap is actually triggered. If it is, try dragging off of Other Actor and casting to your characters class (in this case FirstPersonCharacter). Then ‘As FirstPersonCharacter’ should give you the option to call your event.

I’m assuming this is not a multiplayer game, if nothing of this works, I don’t know whats wrong :stuck_out_tongue: