ToDo list

Something i thought of tonight whilst littering my work area with sticky notes. It would be great to have a todo/tasklist added to the editor, something that saves along with your project. It could be a window or a blueprint node or both. Maybe you could expand the comment nodes to contains checkable tasks?

Why not use Trello, Wunderlist, or any of the other online todo/project tracking sites/softwares?

Or a word program! like they used to do it… In the olden days!

Notepad always works.
Though, notes are more effective if you are having them always on your desktop as sticky notes so I stick to that. :wink:

i just thought it would be good to have it in the editor tied to your project so it is there close and handy.

For Blueprints, you can use comment nodes as a todo or reminder system. Pick one or more ‘tags’ to use, and prefix a comment with them (e.g., TODO: Spawn FX when shot or FIXME: Convert this constant to a damage curve), and then use Ctrl+Shift+F to do a global search in Blueprints for TODO or FIXME or whatever. It will even find the comments in unloaded Blueprint assets.

You can also place Note actors in the level editor, but I don’t know if there is a quick/easy way to find and list all of them (typing Note in the World Outliner seems to work, but will only show them in the current loaded level).

Michael Noland

We are working on a UE4 Plugin which will have a similar feature which might interest you, here’s a snippet of what the core plugin is about:

Vague I know but we are trying to keep things on the down-low features wise until we get closer to our Beta, which should be somewhat soon due to us going to hit v0.4 very soon. We will host a closed-beta around v0.5 to v0.6 than an open-beta around v0.6 to v0.7

Most of our features are centred around requiring source control and/or issue/bug tracking software to function, however I don’t see why we couldn’t support some of these features locally only and store/save the data within either your engine or project directory for more simpler things like a To-do-list, etc. as we do have a “Assigned to me” feature in a prototype state at the moment already.

We are looking to support JIRA, Trello & hopefully also GitHub Issues before expanding to:

NOTE: This list isn’t final and may change over time.

P.S. Feel free to email or Skype me if you wish to know more and perhaps want to apply for our closed-beta.


Chooka, I have sent in a feature request and this is being considered by our development team.


Awesome :slight_smile:

Maybe you will be interested in LadyBug Tracker