Todays Epic Launcher Update for Ark Dev Kit

The size of the download is 3.5 gb or something like that HOWEVER when I first attempted to update, it said not enough disk space (67GB required) but the DOWNLOAD was only 3 gb in size…might be a launcher glitch, but I had to uninstall and remove things just to get it to reach this size (on my ssd, so not the largest drive I admit, still odd!). For the record, I had 48.7 GB available, but could not get the update until it read the 67GB available on this drive, even though the update is merely 3gb in size!

That is a epic launcher thing. Unfortunately it is like that since the ark devkit first came out on the epic launcher and is the reason i only do manual updates.

So github then?

Usually you get the binaries from github and the content from the link in the update thread. Extract both to your ark devkit folder and you are ready to go.