Today finally i got my plugin for my main proyect working!

there is still much work but i happy now!

Now i can interact with the windows

i upload a demo, link in youtube, have lots of bug yet and isn’t too much usable.

Excellent work, downloading it to try it now :slight_smile:

I like your top bar approach to moving the windows around, will give more feedback when I get a chance to try it out fully.

BTW: are you using BitBlt or desktop duplication approach to capture the windows? I was testing something along these lines for nexusvr back in november and I had quite a few issues with bitblt capturing (e.g. doesn’t capture composite windows, paint refresh/etc), I think main window will probably need to be desktop duplicated to be rendered properly, but if you’re mem copying images to UTexure2D, ENQUEUE_UNIQUE_RENDER_COMMAND_ONEPARAMETER is the command that I found produced the best stability in VR.

the moving bar was easy path , keep few second and automatically drop the window, i have another ideas for do something better, but i prefer something easy and wait for all new VR controls for implement other ideas.

Yes i use bitblt. All that was doing fast need more work, i have few problems with windows and menus and i not fix that yet. i have problems for clicks not work in all windows, and others, like i say have many bugs. and i am learning, ATM if you open a menu, the app draw the menu like a new window and skip the main window. but i think i can fix that and draw all right without too much problems.

the worst that stop me now its losing the focus when start a application or open some dialogs, i haven’t idea if i can fix that seems windows not give a way… i think, ;( and its something important i want try known if its possible fix before the other things.

Whoa! Really cool! What did you use for hand tracking?

thanks. Leap motion.

Very nice indeed :open_mouth: