TOctree - Can it be used for voxel rendering?

I was introduced to the concept of octrees a couple of days ago when it came to voxelised mesh rendering (ie. terrain). I am sure I understand it a fair deal. When I looked up how to use them in UE4, I found a TOctree class in the UE4 API, which excited me at first, but I soon came to get utterly confused by it. What immediately throws me off is that it’s a template class where I specify the element/semantics types. I had studied a non-UE4 example at GitHub - brandonpelfrey/SimpleOctree: A simple octree with good commenting for learning how octrees work. and while I can kind of see how octrees can be used for more than just vertices/vertex groups, the semantics parameter is what really gets me. The only type relating to octree semantics in the API that I’ve found is FLightVolumeOctreeSemantics, which has no info in its documentation aside from what the member names are.

I know octree partitioning can be used in UE4 to create voxel meshes, but aside from a screenshot I’ve seen, I’m clueless for the most part.

Octrees aren’t necessarily for rendering, but storing the voxel information. Octree is used for navigation as well.

I see! That clears it up nicely.