Tobias "CrazyToby" Maneschijn - Blueprint Developer

******Name: Tobias Maneschijn or “CrazyToby”

Brief Bio:

Hey, I’m a 17 year old guy with a big passion for gaming and coding. I have been playing around with coding since i was 10.
I’m looking for some projects i can work with.

Skillsets: Blueprint Developer

  • almost 2 years of UE4 experience.

  • 6 years of programming experience

**Previous Work:
*December 2015 Gamejam Entry - Sandventures Of The Cursed Mummy - Blueprint Programmer
I have done lots of Freelancing work with Blueprints but i can’t show it because of NDA.

E-mail: t[EMAIL=“”]
Skype: Tobias.maneschijn1

Additional Information:

  • I Live in Denmark
  • Can only work online.