To the staff - A question about my mod


I am João Pedro Galvão, a Game Designer/Programmer from Brazil.

I saw the mod competition and i have an excellent idea for a mod. I have elaborated a “Game Design” for the mod, and i need to know if the ARK Dev Kit can handle its development, since i do not have access to the source code of the game.

Can you give a contact email for me to send you my document, please? (Since i am not able to attach it on this post)

Thank you

If your game is in C++ then it will not be able to work with the devkit at this time. The devkit with it’s new functionality of “Total conversion” is built off of the flexibility of the blueprint system. So, if you know how to convert any C++ files into blueprinting, then your mod very much has a chance.

Even if it is blueprinted in UE4 v4.5.1, you will still not be able to get it into the ADK if it was made originally in UE4. You would need to blueprint everything back into things manually into the ADK. That is in the current version of the Dev Kit though. Not sure if the TC version will support that or not (thinking probably not still).

This mod will be a bit tricky to create, but i’ll try :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help, guys