to sell DCC Original files alongside unreal asset

Hi , let say I want to sell an unreal character asset , and I want to include maya, or 3D max files of the rigged character to the package , am I allowed to do that ?

Make a zip folder, place it within the folder structure that you push to the marketplace.
I would place it in the same folder as the mesh. The editor won’t show the file(s) anyway, since they aren’t editor files.

There are no rules against this / the guidelines have been amended and make no direct mention of similar cases.

I would make sure to label the zip folder appropriately, and submit for approval to see if they flag it. They probably will.
Simply communicate with the person assigned to the review to ask where to include it / how.

Being those aren’t engine files it may require some work-around.

Personally I think it’s a great way to value add to a deliverable by providing the build assets as well. Not all assets are fit to finish and require some work on the part of the end user and in some situations the build assets is a must have as to maintain the original fidelity of the asset.

That said more than a few marketplace assets included the source files, of note animations, and can be stored under the root tree, but not the content folder, so that the assets can be merged into the project with out adding the source files. So since it’s already done then the answer is yes you can add any information relative to the project files and documentation on more complex assets like blueprints is almost a must have.

It doesn’t really matter imo as long as creators are willing to supply source files on request.
It can actually lead to a nice side-business in customization (for Characters especially ;)).
So, I’d encourage content creators to advertise their flexibility if they want some side work.
As buying fixed items is limiting and the Marketplace overall is kinda hurting. EXAMPLES:

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#2.]( leaving the Marketplace saying they’ve been ripped off

#3.]( getting bored and deserting the Marketplace in general

#4.]( of Customization-Tools to help buyers integrate new assets

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Thanks for all response