To rotate on place?

Hi all…
I ve created this rotating sistem, but i need that it rotate on the place not around something… How i could do?

Is your model centered in the blueprint?

Attach your current object to an empty static mesh or a vector field and rotate this component instead of your current object.

no it not.
empy static mesh? How i can create it?

Why i can’t select mvoe rotate or scale?
this my blueprint

It is not possible to move rotate or scale root component. Create a scene component and make static mesh component its child.

So why my root component move not on place? It is centered

I am not quite sure if I understood you right. As far as I know, if you move root component that will move whole blueprint actor, resulting the root component getting centered inside BP actor.
Also make sure you have correct pivot point, because rotation happens around pivot point.
And what do you mean by “not around something” ?

i setted a pivot point
but its still the same thing…

You have to change pivot point in blender or another 3d software. Easy way is set new root, attach StaticMesh to it, position static mesh as you need and then rotate whole blueprint locally. In any case take look at video below :slight_smile:

If you are trying to make a pick-up ammo kind of thing take a look here: Endless Runner: Adding Pickup Items | 04 | v4.7 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube
You have to create new blueprint as shown in the video, in your screenshot you have inherited StaticMeshComponent so you won’t be able to set another component as root.
I created blueprint from static mesh but it worked. I think this is beyond my knowledge :frowning: Sorry

Why are you doing blueprinting in Construction Script? You need to use Event Graph for in game stuff like RotatingMovement.