to past 2 variables?

Hi all…
Cant take the valor from the variable of the level blueprint and past to the myHUD?

What kind of info are you trying to get from your level blueprint? There may be a better way of storing it for umg use.

When i start the level trigger a switch…then with my hud is tart to show a timer…but if the trigger is the level blueprint how i can take the information?

there is a way?

You should be able to do “get player controller” and then “get hud”. You could then fire events in the hud. I would probably make an Interface and create a function to trigger events and that way you can easily pass a few variable values along with the function call and have a place for the HUD to return information back to the level BP or other blueprints.

Watch i have to connect somethink to my timer(that is the fuctions)…what i have to connect?

make a new variable. Either make it an “Object Reference” type, or of the exact type of your HUD blueprint. Then on begin play, do “get player controller” -> “get hud”. Then get the return value of that and set the variable you created to use this object.

Then use that variable any time you need to fire a HUD event.

you could also just do it right there by doing “get player controller” -> “Get HUD” - > “Cast to First person HUD” or whatever your HUD Bp class is.

yes but i need to call a fuction and when i activate it don’t came on the screen… Maybe why in the hud was preceded from a draw texture?