To open this project you must first install Visual Studio 2017 - For an Artist!

My project has code associated with it. I would like to be able to put dlls into source control so that artists and designers do not need to compile, nor need Visual Studio installed.

This seems like it should be easily possible but when the uproject is opened on a machine that does not have Visual Studio the engine asks if you would like to install it and if you say no then it doesn’t load the project.

If it matters the source code in the project is split into a main Source directory and two plugins with their own custom source. I’ve added the .dll, .modules and .target files in the relevant Binaries\Win64 directories.

Any suggestions on how to suppress this dialog would be much appreciated. I’d be happier turning my Source directory into some kind of plugin than shipping a fully customized engine to the users, but ideally could just check in dlls into the relevant binaries subfolders.

I can’t imagine this isn’t something easily solved. Having all artists require Visual Studio to be installed or even compile code would be massively inefficient.

So I assume I’ve setup my project wrong somehow!

If the Target.cs / Build.cs files, and the .dll / .pdb files are available, it should be possible to open the project without installing VS.
Did you maybe forget the binaries for the plugins? They don’t go into the main binaries folder.

Make sure to include the .version files in your source control.