To open any IFC file in packaged application and not in editor

Planning to have a standalone IFC Viewer Application. Is there a way to open any IFC file in packaged application directly and not in editor.
Similar to opening datasmith files in colllab viewer i.e adding plugin functionality to the the standalone application. If so , your help on the same would be great.
Thankyou so much for your support.

At the moment the Datasmith Runtime does not support IFC.

There are work to expose some Datasmith CAD import at runtime for 5.1 but in the best of world it will be a beta feature or else will be pushed to 5.2.

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Thankyou for the response.
What if we edit the load file from explorer node, opening in C++ which also has gltf and glb formats from Datasmith gltf importer.
Similarly can we add ifc format to the node.
I even tried changing the code, but it didn’t work.

it is not just about removing the extensions filtering that prevents you from selecting a *.ifc file.
It is also to modify a chunck of datasmith runtime code so that you can use IFC library to read ifc file at runtime and create assets, probably allow UE to package with the IFC reading library. Those are not easy changes.

In 5.1 we are refactoring the import process that allow more homogeneous framework.
That will open the road to runtime import to CAD including IFC. As said earlier if all goes well such feature will be beta in 5.1 and you will have to wait more version to get a reliable feature for CAD runtime import.


Thankyou for your time , for explaining this in detail.
Eagerly waiting for 5.1 and its new possibilities.