To LOD or NOT LOD that is the question?

I though I would voice my opinion :wink:

I really enjoyed that video. I’ve been looking for a channel like this. I’ll definitely be following you.:slight_smile:

I will be watching your channel. But regarding LOD’s I think it may be a good thing at some point to do some back to back testing with many HP objects and compare results. I think it may depend where the objects will be seen. Outdoors at long distances LOD’s may be a good idea. indoor maps with a lot of occluded areas it may be totally unnecessary. I also noticed that FPS tend to drop while quickly turning and then climb again when you are still. I suspect this may be due to loading geometry and texture data (just a thought).

I used to spend countless hours trying to reduce every unnecessary poly I could. Now I find myself using lots of geometry to define round corners and such that I would have never dreamed of just a few years ago. I’m also coming from several years of Cryengine where I had a 64k vert limit. so for very detailed and complex large models I had to break them up into pieces(the simple prefab system made this easy though). Right now I’m trying to break that habit, and exploring what practical polycounts and texture I should be using.
I also have a philosophy that I should build for the future, not necessarily the here and now. What I mean is that I try to anticipate how long it will take until I can distribute my work, and what the typical as well as high end graphics capabilities will be then. So right now I build to the point of a performance impact on my hardware, knowing that the same thing will run better on a future system.

I play a lot of older games and always tend to turn up all the settings to their max values, wishing that they had been built a lot heavier.