To hard

Hello! realy love this Engine! want to learn how to use this program… I have tried this to learn this two times now and its so hard to understand as a beginner. Feels so overwhelming. Its maybe just me i dont know. Thanks and keep up your good work ppl!

Unreal Engine 5 can be a little overwhelming for brand new beginners, however you don’t need to learn/discover all aspects by yourself.

You should start with Unreal Sensei’s Beginner Tutorial - 2022, which goes into nearly every aspect you should know about UE5. Although the video is 5 hours long, I’ve already gone through his other Beginner tutorials, and they’ve helped me A LOT.

Watch through his video on another monitor or device while using UE5, slow the playback speed if you’re having a hard time keeping up with his pace, limit surrounding distractions as much as you can, and for an ease of mind, try keeping small study notes of things you learn along the way. It’ll help you a lot in the long term.

Good luck, and have fun!