To get in contact with you?

How on earth to i manage to contact someone from Unreal regarding releasing, payment and royalties.

I released a game that has gained some earnings, without havving registered the game as i should (as i wasn’t aware of individual game registrations)
At some point i found a contact form, buried in a lot of sub-menus where i wrote a question on how to manage this.
No answer.
I then wrote again if i should just register and use the roylaty payment forms.
No answer
Then i tried to fill out the royalty forms. Apparently it succeeded, and i submitted for 2 quarters, and paid it, and got a receipt for my payment.
I then submitted for a new quarter, where i should pay 8K. I have paid the money almost 1 month ago, and i havent got a receipt yet.

For me 8K is quite a sum to have floating around, and now i am worried that somethng has gone wrong as the whole process feels somewhat shaky, and that i now never will get a receipt for my accountings, because it is impossible to come in contact with you.

How do i progress from here?

Hi @Fjordhoj, I’m sorry for this poor experience. Look for a PM from me and I’ll help you get this sorted.