To do lists and I am wondering if I am cursed or something ...

I am just wondering ….
With game development …
I started this beautiful sunny day with 10 items on my to do list before I am wrapped up with my little game project.
I got three of those items done and now I have a new list with 15 items on it.
I planned on finishing my little game in 5 days.
That has now turned into 9 days.
Its almost like eating backwards.
The more you eat and the faster you eat the fuller the plate becomes until the legs of the table
break and it all ends up on the floor.
Just wondering if I am cursed or something or does anyone else have this problem too? :slight_smile:

If you dont know when to do cuts in development, you will be in a lot of trouble. Once i decided to make a scene in udk based on a sketch.I ended up with a whole 2x6km game level… and a 1 year time lost.(i did learned a lot while modeling though)But most important, I learned to make cuts after that experience.
Make the cuts in your head first, than proceed with making the project.

Yeah its interesting that you change and learn while you work but you are not even aware of it. I do find I can isolate a problem better now and focus on taking pretty efficient steps to solve the issue rather than “drifting around it”.
Its still a lot to learn though.
So much of it on my end is just not having a C++ background.
I have this great plan … and then I even sketch it out on paper … then the next day I try and string it together in BP it of course doesn’t work exactly that way.
My logic makes sense but then C++ “thinks differently”
Its really a weird mindset you have to develop.

That’s normal… :p​

I think its worse if you can’t think of things to add to your game like writers block… The tricky part is when you start with 4 items and end up with 12 (discovering 3 unknown new bugs for each item). So much for 5 mins of fringe testing… That’s a PITA! Instead of shutting down at 12, its 4 am suddenly then 6… :eek: The only good part is if you can crunch through, the code will hold up for some time. Its got little to do with C++ by the way. C++ is just a whole lot harder like running a marathon in high-humidity. Whereas Blueprints is like taking a Sunday afternoon nap or something… :cool: