To chose a graphics card for engine dev?

Dose someone using the AMD Radeon Pro WX series?
I’m so wonder what’s different between profession card and gamming card.
Can someone tell the different?

Normally it is better reliability and compatibility with certain professional software packages. Gaming cards are also very reliable but sometimes like in manufacturing you are willing to pay extra up front to minimize the risk of downtime and tiny errors occurring.

If you look for compatibility or tests done on the software you are going to run you will often not only find professional cards being tested so if you want more performance for your money with the comfort of knowing the GPU driver works perfectly then look for a gaming graphics card on the test list.

Don’t buy a professional card thinking it gives you better performance. Sometimes it gives you worse performance as it has to extra error checking etc.

There’s 0 reason to get a AMD Radeon Pro WX series if UE4 is your target platform, you’d be much better off with a 2080 Ti or something similar. If you really wanted a work station GPU, the only direct benefit in UE4 would be potentially more vram available (depending on the work station GPU you are looking at).

Of course if you need a work station GPU for another application, get one.