To C++ Code Plugin Developers: How to Manage Code Plugins under Source Control?

The Situation:
My Team’s Project’s Directory is under Perforce Source Control. Path Example [FONT=courier new]C:\My UnrealEngine Projects[MonstaMASH](

This works great for ALL content from the Marketplace, accept code plugins due to being installed to the Engine from the Launcher. We desire the same simplicity to manage Code Plugins using P4 and seeking recommendations. Unfortunately, this situation is holding up the purchase of several Code Plugins from the Marketplace. We sincerely appreciate any support in this matter. Thanks for reading.

Move the installed plugins from the engine installation location to the p4v depot location. This way only one person which is in charge of the project, should only need to buy the content.

Sincere Thank you for the recommendation @SaxonRah,

I will give this a try. If it works for me, the process should get more advertisement, as it may be holding up other Devs from purchasing code plugins. Additionally, I would also recommend an **Install to Project ** Option in the Launcher.


Your recommendation worked for us. Thanks again.

Would love to see a **Install to Project ** Option in the Launcher.


Your recommendation worked for us. Thanks again!

I have another question with this. When a code plugin is updated, how does the admin go about updated it for the project with source control. Does it update to their engine folder and you have to manually update your project again or will it filter down directly to your project?

Sorry, I haven’t done the process yet and I’m a designer, not really a tech person and was confusing myself on this process when i go to setup perforce for my project.