To Build a Server for "MMORPG" with approximately 10,000users capability.


I am a New here,

without further a do, i Don’t have experiences to make this kinda server before.

but, i Do try to make a Server which capable to connect with about 10,000 users can play with.

i Do know that there are some recommendation for server from UE, which is “Gamelift”, “IOCP” and “Dedicated Server”.

Now, i’m kindly asking you guys that which way of building the server is best for us.

and is the “Dedicated server” proper way of building a server with about 10,000 users?


You listed three different things.

Dedicated Server is just a renderless client / target.
IOCP is an API.
Gamelift is a Hosting service using AWS and has some scaling features.

MMOs are all dedicated servers (no one is running a listen server as an MMO). You likely aren’t going too find any server running 10K connections, instead they have a farm of instances running across multiple PCs and use load balancing to distribute players across the nodes (pretty much what Gamelift describes).

I’ve worked on three shipped AAA MMOs - they are behemoths of tech, hardware, and content. I’d highly suggest you aim at just making a fun multiplayer game and THEN you can look at scaling it up for more players as you get more comfortable with networking.