[TO BE SUBMITTED] Simple Instancing Blueprint Pack

I have been working on this submission for a while, having finished the initial blueprints quite a few months ago, however I have since completely remade each of the five blueprints with much more power in them to be able to be used in many more use case scenario’s with no editing needed from the user.

This pack I am working on is a collection of five blueprints which each instance meshes in different ways as to vastly increase the speed at which users can design and create levels, both for initial blocking and for the final results.

The five blueprints are:

  1. A blueprint that instances a selected mesh in one direction, however it has many power features that allow for adding scaling, rotation and location per instance, including after scaling (this will make much more sense once I have made a video when I’ve created an example scene)

  1. A blueprint that instances meshes along a spline, however it again has all the power features of the linear instancing blueprint (as all others, besides ground instancing, do also)

  1. A blueprint that instances meshes on the ground via line tracing, with the ability to enable snapping to surface normal (This can be used for flora and/or clutter)

  1. A blueprint that instances meshes in a three-dimensional array, again with all the power features of the linear and spline blueprints. This could be used for many things, and of course can be used for 2 dimensional arrays also.

  1. A blueprint that instances meshes in a circle, again with the power features, this can be used for creation of staircases and/or many other things.


The problem I am currently having with this pack I’m creating is that although I am a relatively good coder/blueprinter, I am actually not a good level designer, so I really need some help coming up with some ideas for each blueprint with which I can create an example scene that shows off what each blueprint can be used for?

House / Garden / Fence Flowers / Sprite lamps.
Garage / storage Array.

Thankyou for the ideas, they are perfect and I will start on the example map immediately!

Hi, Oscar Cooke-Abbott

Crystals, vines, bridges, barbed wire, chain, monster spine, branches, walls, rails, utility poles, electricity array, river, bottles, tentacles, clothes line, gazebo, ivy.


Awesome, thanks :slight_smile: