To Anim Montage or Not To Anim Montage

Question to the gurus.

I have my dude that is happily running around his arena and throwing bombs … but I now want to animate him throwing the bomb as well as when he gets hit and when he dies.

The problem is if I play the animation … the animation plays but then the character almost looses his default anim blueprint reference and stops animating completely … i.e. the player never returns back to the default anim blueprint.

Am I missing something?

It has been suggested that I should use an anim montage, is this the correct way. I need to just add that this is UE4 4.7.2 and it is a networked enabled game.

Okay … so if I have a default section of all 3 animations in the montage … they play … but as soon as I seperate the sections … the montage never plays.

I am so confused now.

I have not dove to far past ABPs and a few montages but have you tried an AnimSequence by chance?

You really need to get to grips with animation blueprints for this. Have a watch of Zak’s character animation series on youtube/unrealengine and you should know most of what you need to do this. Basically animation state machine + upper body blends fed by event graph :slight_smile:

when the animmontage stop you need feed again the standar animation.


Yeah got I the blends working perfectly … but the montage only seems to work when all three animations are sequenced one after the other.

Basically I have Hit1 + Hit2 + Hit3 that are 3 separate hit animations. Anyway … as a work around I have moved them to their own montages for now … I will look more in to this at a later stage.

Montage blends only work correctly from the character bluebrint. When played from the animblueprint there’s no proper blending between montage segments. Probably a bug just on my ue4 build considering how lucky i am. But if you’re seeing abrupt animation switches when there’s clearly a blend in and blend out value then notify your character to play the montage.

The entire tutorial on animation montage is outdated as of 4.25, I can’t set it up. The whole interface looks completely different. There are no “tick type”. Adding slots don’t work, only slot groups work. If they’re going to change the interface they should have updated documentation.